Excellent Reproduction ★★★★★

by Romad275 - Version 1.2 - Aug 8, 2013

To those new to this app, you will find a faithful reproduction of an HP-67 calculator with an excellent user interface. The best part, is even the card reader functions and you can write and record your programs on a virtual magnetic card, that even shows your programming steps. Also, the developer is very easy to get in touch with, and is receptive to feedback, what else can you ask for.

Super ★★★★★

by Manni42 - Version 1.0 - Mar 27, 2013

Super. Funktioniert 100%tig. Hoffe jetzt noch auf eine WLAN Anbindung, um Daten zwischen iPhone und iPad austauschen zu können.. Schneller und freundlicher Support.